Drink More, Live Longer

ImageI learned two ridiculously wonderful things last week. Let’s start with perhaps the most exciting, shall we?

One alcoholic drink A DAY decreases a woman’s chance of suffering the worst kind of stroke by 17 to 21 percent.* Yes, you read right. And no, the study was not sponsored by Bartenders Everywhere, or any other alcohol-related group/association (real or made up in my brain).  This one was from the fine physicians at Harvard Medical School. Hah-vahd!

They maintain that a drink a day will also keep the cardiologist away; alcohol reduces blood clots and increases HDL (good cholesterol) production. Well, raise a glass and count me in already!

Here’s what I’d like to know, though – the study followed 83,587 woman for 26 years. Yep, 26 years. Who, at the beginning of that study, wasn’t worried about the effect of drinking alcohol everyday for 26 years? How many of them were moms? (I would bet my second-born that most of them were weary moms.) Weren’t they just a little leery? Maybe a touch scared of becoming pickled?

Regardless, cheers to the bold women who participated and have now given me permission to not feel guilty about an end-of-day imbibement. (new word – it’s in the “dictionary.” Go ahead, look it up.)

The second tantalizing tidbit:

If Americans could get off their duffs and sit three hours less per day, we, the American population as a whole, would gain two years on our life expectancy.** TWO years! This, people, is good news. Surely since I can barely sit still on any given day, my personal life expectancy must be extended by at least 10 years.

You now what this means?  We can enjoy a spirited beverage of our choosing every day, (staving off a catastrophic stroke) and if we drink it while standing, we can do it two years longer!

I sure do hope this week brings more exciting revelations. Remember to drink responsibly and bust a move. Until next time – cheers!

* Thanks, Real Simple (August 2012) for those delicious tidbits of info at the beginning of each issue. They really are one of life’s little pleasures.

** The specifics tend to bore me. It’s also entirely likely that the meat behind the study is spoiled, but until another study comes along to debunk this one, I’m going with it. Learn more here: http://thechart.blogs.cnn.com/2012/07/09/less-sitting-may-lead-to-longer-life/


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