Well, that happened

Yep, we did it. One day we were sitting on the couch, talking about our Navy retirement-celebration plans. After all, it’s only a year and half away. And we are planners. So, planning we do.

Should we take a terrific island trip, inviting our family? How about we spend that money  on a travel trailer instead? Oh, say, a pop-up camper. Nope. Won’t work. We would need a new vehicle, capable of towing. Our current cars won’t cut it. Let’s take a look-see at Class C motorhome – compact, easy to drive… Oh, hell.

And there we were – two weeks later, at Camping World, buying a Class A motorhome. Darn you and your sales pitch, salesman! Au revoir, Caribbean vacation (Sorry, mom – maybe next time. Wanna go glamping, instead?). Hello, swanky 36-foot RV!

I’m not going to lie. It tickles my happy spot every time I step foot in Ervie. (Of course we had to name it – it’s a new-RV owner law.) A leather couch, bunks beds, a KING bed, stove, shower, toilet, crazy amounts of storage space. Air conditioning! Yes, thank you.


Oh, aren’t you cute?

We and Ervie have enjoyed two blissfully wonderful trips together. (Right now, Ervie is in the shop. But, that’s a post for later.) Our first shake-down weekend was just down the street at the Eagle Hammock RV Park, a local hidden-gem at the Kings Bay Submarine Base. It’s only a handful of miles straight out of our neighborhood, but was the perfect place to work out some kinks and learn how to use our new rolling home, in the safe shadow of home. Highlight: We made friends with three gators, who call Lake D their home. They’re not afraid. But, watching them from the dock, neither were we. Bonus: The view from our front window was amazing.

Our second trip (pre-shop) was to the Jekyll Island Campground, a great location with a true campground feel. Staying here took me back a whole lotta years to camping as a kid. (I’m pretty sure my family has had its fill of my childhood camping stories. Tough nuggets. I have a lot of them, and I’m not nearly done sharing.) We biked miles around the campground and island, stopped at the beach, watched a friend play soccer, and made s’mores. Seriously. Awesome.

Our next adventure takes us to, where else? Yup – Fort Wilderness at Walt Disney World. You didn’t think the Disney fanatic in us would overlook the Fort, did you? Of course, this is presuming we have the RV back from the shop. We figured it was best to have the smoking electric water heater fixed, the missing bolt in the driver’s seat replaced, and the kitchen vent in working order before our next trip. Stay tuned for more RV fun! We’re just getting started…


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